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remember the…what?

In San Antonio, Texas on March 18, 2010 at 9:41 pm

photo by Anne Jansen

Yes, of course: the Alamo. And while it is certainly a beautiful relic of an ugly and violent past, I didn’t find the Alamo nearly as enjoyable as the San Antonio River Walk with its cute shops, restaurants, and waterways. The River Walk boasts famous restaurants and hotels, as well as a few sculptures with rich pasts. The most fun thing about the River Walk, for me, was the boat tour that I went on. Yes, it’s cheesy. I’m very aware, but I also know I had a lot of fun. The waterways were still green from the recent St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which added to the picturesque nature of this particular San Antonio tourist trap, and it was nice to enjoy some time in the sun while drifting through the canals.

photo by Anne Jansen

San Antonio was a lot of fun, but I’m not sure this city has much more for me to see if I were to return. It was a positive experience, and one very much enhanced by the presence of two good friends, but I think I can safely say it was a one-time deal. If you find yourself in the area (especially during the mild early-springtime) you should definitely check out the River Walk.